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Maria Palm

About Me

I was born and raised in Stockholm, but have all my adult life somewhere on the countryside or by the ocean. I feel nature is important and that the noice from a big city is nice for weekend but then i`d like the tranquility of the nature to surround me. Breathe fresh air. I have been paintings since i was little, my grandfather was an artist and he tought me how to paint first whit aquarell, and later in oil. When i was in art school i took alot of different classes, graphiks, skulpture, tempera, watercoulor, acrylics, black and white, oil and more. Right now its acrylics and watercoulor, whit gold details sometime. I am also a teatcher in Vedic Art. Check out more under "Vedic Art" I have been painting alot of space paintings latley,and colouristic abstrakt sea and landscapes. I alos suffer from a not wellknown decease EDS Ehlers Danlos syndrome,a conective tissue disorder. More about that under "EDS".


Art studies at Gerlesborgs school of art 1994-1996. 7 years of several free art classes in oil, tempera and watercoulor. 2 years advanced 3D modelling and animationsteknology. Studying continously Vedic Art in Falun since 2001. Teatcher in vedic Art, intressted in cources, exhibitions or my art? please email me at:

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Konststudier på Gerlesborgs Konst skola i Bohuslän 1994-1996. Div. fristående kurser och utbildningar i måleri, Göteborg och Bohuslän. (7 års fristående konst studier, inkl Gerlesborgs konstskola) 2 år i avancerad 3D modellerings och animationsteknologi Studerar fortsatt Vedic Art i Dalarna sedan 2001. Lärare i Vedic art ,vid intresse för kurser, utställningar eller konst, maila till ovanstående emailadress.

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